Learning 2..n Programming Language


To learn to program, you need two things:

  1. The logic of programming
  2. The synatx of the language

The amazing thing is, once you learn your first programming language, every language after that becomes so much easier. You only need to learn the syntax, for the logic of programming is truely universal.

Don’t belive me? Here is my Project Euler done in many different languages. Feel free to jump around between the different language. You’ll quickly notice while the syntax is slightly different in all the languages, the logic is the same. And that’s the point. If you are struggling to learn your first language and you here programmers talk about knowing 10 languages, don’t fret!

The key when programming is to focus on the logic. Syntax changes, but learning why something happens is key. Second to that learning how to take the tools of programming and turn them into a

There is of course a limit to this statement. Object Oriented vs Functional programming is one of those limits. No matter how much time you study Object Oriened Programming, it will not help you learn Functional Programming.